Leh Ladakh


The weather and climate of Ladakh display great diversities. On one hand, you can get frostbite because of the extremely cold weather conditions while on the other the blaring sun can give you sunburn, if you’re not well protected. The summers in Leh Ladakh experience an average temperature in the range of approximately -3° C to 30° C. Climate of Leh Ladakh experiences extremely cold winters with heavy snowfall. The average temperature in the winter season is somewhere around -20° C to 15° C.

While packing for a trip, you should keep the weather and climate of Ladakh in mind. Some of the things that you should carry are windcheaters, woollen clothing, thick socks, gloves, scarves, a hat or woollen cap, boots or walking shoes, sunscreen, goggles, etc.

Best Season to Visit Ladakh 

Planning to visit Ladakh and confused? Don’t worry, just go through the following paragraph and learn about things such as “when to visit” Leh Ladakh etc.

Quite unlike other regions in the Indian Himalaya, Ladakh experiences nine months of winter and three months of summer. The best time to visit Ladakh is in the summer – from early June to end September. Beyond that period, temperatures plunge to sub-Arctic levels and the region gets too cold for comfort. By October most of the trekking routes in the higher altitude areas are closed on account of heavy snowfall.

Another good reason to visit Ladakh during the summer months is that this is the time when some of Ladakh’s most important Gompas or Budhist monastries host their spectacular annual festivals.